Uotokikaikan Osakanatei, a fish restaurant by a former fishmonger’s connoisseur

Since its establishment in 1932, this reliable fish restaurant has been rooted in the community in front of Fujieda Station. The “Suruga Tuna Burger,” which is healthy and satisfies your appetite, is a must-try.


From the standard Kaisen Chirashi-don (rice topped with seafood and vegetables) to the new “Maguro Burgu” (a new type of tuna burger)

Originally a long-established fish shop that was well-liked by the locals. The menu is lined with a variety of fish dishes that reflect this.

The restaurant is said to have struck a balance between purchasing high quality fish directly from the market with the discerning eye of a former long-established fishmonger, while keeping the prices of the dishes low.

The most popular menu item for such fresh fish is the Kaisen Chirashi-don (1,650 yen). Also perfect as an extra dish is the famous dashiyaki tamago (broiled egg). The sweetened egg soup with plenty of dashi broth is baked while being charred to give it a savory aroma. These are sometimes sold as dashiyaki sandwiches during events, and are always sold out.

Another special menu item is the marinated grilled fish, which is marinated in miso and sake lees using a recipe that has not changed for over 40 years. Both miso and sake lees are locally sourced, and the fish is marinated in the restaurant for four days to a week to enhance its flavor.

Healthy Tuna Hamburger with a New Sense of Health

The “Suruga Tuna Burger,” an original menu item, is the owner’s favorite.

The tuna is chopped into chunks and grilled on the surface to be eaten like a hamburger steak.

The tuna is heated on a lava plate made of lava rock from Mt Fuji, and you can “grow” it to your desired degree of doneness on the spot.

Fresh tuna is of course good raw, but when it is cooked slowly, it tastes like meat. It is said that a special twist has been made to keep the juiciness of the tuna even after cooking.

Japanese onion sauce, rock salt, and wasabi are available, and all of them go well with the tuna, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavors.

This is a gem that allows you to enjoy fresh, healthy tuna and at the same time feel satisfied, as if you are eating a hamburger steak.

In addition to dishes, the restaurant offers a wide selection of local sake and other alcoholic beverages.

From a fish shop to a fish restaurant over time

The days of the fish store (circa 1948)

As mentioned above, the restaurant was a fresh fish store when it was founded. At one time, it was the largest fish shop in the area, and many of the other fishmongers came from Uotokikaikan.

Although it was such a prosperous store, it shifted to a fish restaurant as times and the community changed.

After being rebuilt in 1979 and renovated in 2019, the interior of the restaurant is a simple, Japanese modern space where you can relax and enjoy your meal.

The restaurant also has a banquet hall on the second floor, which can be used for welcome and farewell parties and other large group dinners.

Mr. and Mrs. Ishigami, the third generation to lead the restaurant

Leading the way at the restaurant are the third generation of Mr. and Mrs. Ishigami. The current second-generation president is now mainly in charge of purchasing and wholesaling fish.

The husband, Mr. Ishigami, was born in Nagoya. He moved to Fujieda after marrying his wife and joined the restaurant.

The most difficult time in his business so far has been in 2020. The previous year, the restaurant had been renovated and sales were steadily increasing, but due to the impact of the new Corona, reservations, which had been strong until then, suddenly dropped to zero. Mr. Ishigami felt it would be better to close the store in anticipation of a prolonged downturn, but the current second president decided to do it.

He said that once this happened, he had no choice but to do what he could, and he managed to get through it by being proactive and conducting drive-throughs, events, and a cab delivery business.

At that time, he strongly felt once again the importance of not only operating individual stores, but also cooperating widely with people around him.

Currently, Mr. Ishigami serves as a board member of the shopping district promotion association in front of the station, and he is also making efforts to contribute to the local community. He is also an active supporter of Fujieda MYFC, helping out with hospitality projects at home games in between visits to the store.

In this way, they are an indispensable presence in the community, supporting the bustling Fujieda Station area both inside and outside the store.

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