Rengeji Pond Park


I visited Rengeji Pond Park, a place of relaxation for Fujieda citizens~!
Not only the citizens of Fujieda, but everyone in the central region of Shizuoka Prefecture definitely knows about it, don’t they?
(The author has been living in Fujieda for a year, so I can’t be sure.💦)

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What is Rengeji Pond Park?

The concept of Rengeji Pond Park is “flowers, water, birds, and smiles,” and the park can be enjoyed all year round throughout the four seasons.
Located almost in the center of Fujieda City, the park is about 1.5 km in circumference, making it ideal for a walk while enjoying nature. A wisteria festival is held every year to coincide with the blooming of the wisteria flowers.
With a hiking course, a jumbo slide, a Japanese garden, a children’s plaza, and an outdoor music hall, the park is a place of recreation and relaxation where visitors can enjoy themselves all day long throughout the year.

Rengeji Pond Park Highlights

The highlight of Rengeji Pond Park is the seasonal flowers and plants that decorate the park. The park also hosts events such as the “Wisteria Festival” at the end of April, when wisteria flowers bloom, and the “Fujieda Fireworks Festival” in summer, when thousands of fireworks are shot into the night sky.
In addition, around the 1.5-km-long Rengeji Pond, there are many facilities and spots for everyone to enjoy.

Spring Cherry Blossoms
Koinobori in May and Wisteria Festival
Fujieda Fireworks Festival
Winter Illumination

Hiking course

While a walk alone is sufficient to enjoy Rengeji Pond Park, there are also numerous well-maintained hiking trails that are also recommended.
In addition to the hiking trails around the park, there are also hiking trails around the ancient tomb square, hiking trails to Mt.
For serious hikers, be sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes.


This one is very popular with kids: ‼️ “Jumbo Slide~”
It is a jumbo slide that is more jumbo than expected, so children and adults alike can really enjoy it.

Japanese-style garden

There is also a “Japanese garden” in the park that is ideal for a short break. It is a spot where you can take a break without thinking about anything, with a beautiful view and good ventilation.

Children’s playground

Following the jumbo slide, this area is also very popular with children.
Children’s Square” with playground equipment, etc.
Children have tremendous energy, so they play around until dark.💦

In addition, there is a water feature in front of the children’s park, where many children can be seen playing in the water during the summer.
There is also a bell above the water feature that anyone can ring.

Music hall outside

Behind the Children’s Plaza is the Open-Air Music Hall. During the Wisteria Festival, the Masked Rider Show is held here, and the Fujieda Music Festival is held in the fall. Click here for Fujieda Music Festival

Other Information

Many facilities such as restaurants, rest areas, and local museums are clustered around Rengeji Pond Park.
You can have lunch on the lawn, hike to get some exercise, or just enjoy the seasonal plants and trees.

Find your own way to enjoy yourself~.

Facility Information

NAME:Rengeji Pond Park

Open hours:24hours

Admission fee:free

address:474-1 Jakuoji, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka 426-0014, Japan

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