Tanaka Castle residence – castle associated with Tokugawa Ieyasu


This time we visited the Tanaka Castle residence, a famous historical asset for sightseeing in Fujieda City.
Incidentally, the main ruins of Tanaka Castle are now located inside Nishimashizu Elementary School.

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What is the Tanaka Castle residence?

It is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu(wikipedia) often stayed at Tanaka Castle during his falconry trips. It is said that Tanaka Castle was originally built about 500 years ago by the Isshiki clan, a powerful family in this area, who expanded their mansion and turned it into a castle under the order of the Imagawa clan.

In the late Edo period (1603-1867), the Tanaka Castle’s southeast corner was used as a garden for the Honda family, the lords of the Tanaka domain.
Later, as a historic site park, buildings associated with Tanaka Castle were restored, including the “Tanaka Castle Honmaru turret,” “Tea house,” “Nakama room and stables,” and the Chorakuji Village warehouse.

It was used as a garden, so just taking a walk around the grounds is soothing~.

Guide to Tanaka Castle Residence

The restored buildings in the Shimoyashiki include the “Tanaka Castle Honmaru Tower,” “Tea Room,” “Nakama Room and Stable (Umaya),” and the Chorakuji Village Storehouse.

Tanaka Castle Honmaru turret

Originally located in the main circle of Tanaka Castle, it is said to have been built on top of a 2.7-meter-high stone wall.
With the Meiji Restoration, Isemori Takahashi (Doushu) took over Tanaka Castle. The Murayama clan was under his control and adopted his fourth son, so the turret was sold to the Murayama clan in 1801 and moved to a new location to be used as a residence. Murayama named the building “Kofu Jigetsu-ro” and hung a plaque on it. The roof was originally thatched with persimmon. It has long been the most prominent building among those moved from Tanaka Castle. (From the pamphlet material)

Upon entering this turret, you will be greeted by Tokugawa Ieyasu, a hawk hunter.
Inside, there are maps of Tanaka Castle, etc., and from the third floor, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Shimoyashiki.


View from the Tea Room

This teahouse is said to have been moved to the residence around 1905. It is said to have originally been the tea room of a Tanaka clan retainer, but it is believed to have been a “teahouse” in the Shimoyashiki. The view from the teahouse is also good for relaxing.

Fellowship room and stables

It has long been said that the nagayamon gate of the Otsuka family in Ozu Village was moved from the Tanaka Castle grounds, but research has revealed that the barn attached to the nagayamon is the same one.
The building was constructed by combining a stable and a room for friends into one building, and the family crest of the Honda family, the lord of the castle, was engraved on the devil’s tile on the right side of the front. When the building was dismantled, a board was found with “Ansei 6 (6th year of the Ansei Era)” written on it, suggesting that it was built around that time.
(From the pamphlet material)

If you go in the back by this building… ‼️‼️ It’s a horse!

…It’s not real. It’s just an image.

Chorakuji Village Township Library

Gogura were warehouses for storing tribute rice and emergency rice in case of famine, and were located in each village during the Edo period. They were managed by village officials, who stayed in pairs in a small tatami-mat room at night to take care of the night watch.
The Gogura warehouse in Chorakuji Village was sold to the Nakanishi family around 1877. It is said that half of the storehouse was cut out and relocated at that time, and it is believed to have originally been twice as large as it is now.
The Chorakuji-mura Gogura is the only existing Gogura in the city and is a valuable architectural structure. The name of the village official and the date when it was rebuilt are written on the pillar.
(From the pamphlet material)

Access to Tanaka Castle Residence

From Fujieda Station, it is a 15-minute drive.
From Fujieda Station, take a bus to the nearest bus stop “Fujieda Ote” and walk 20 minutes. (Chubu Kokudo Line [Fujieda Station – Shin-Shizuoka] bound for Shin-Shizuoka)

Find of the bus route

If you drive, don’t worry, there is a parking lot~!

Information board in the parking lot

An hour is enough time to look around. Why not take a walk together with the nearby Tanaka Castle (Nishimashizu Elementary School) and other sites?

Facility Information

Name: Historic Site Tanaka Castle Residence

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (admission until 4:30 p.m.)

Admission: Free

Address: 3-14-1 Tanaka, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka 426-0012

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