Kofun Square (Nyakuoji Tumulus Group)

I went to the Kofun Square, which is walkable from Rengeji Pond Park.
It is a great place for a little exercise, about a 20-30 minute walk from the park.


What’s Kofun Square ?

This is the square where the Nyakuoji Tumulus Group is located, which is said to have been built between the 4th and 7th centuries. 4th to 7th century is quite old, of course.
The 4th to 7th century is around the Asuka period or a little earlier…💦.
There are 28 tumuli in total, ranging from 10 to 18 meters in diameter.

In 1995, it was designated as a historical site by Shizuoka Prefecture.

Directions to Kofun Square (Nyakuoji Tumulus)

I walked there from Rengeji Pond Park this time, which is probably the most orthodox way to get there.
Let me show you how to get there!

First of all, the hike starts next to the plaza with the fountain (waterfall plaza), which is right in the middle of Rengeji Pond Park.

For more information about Rengeji Pond Park, please refer to this article.

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You see an easy-to-understand sign.

Let’s follow the signs~.
You will soon come to a covered space where you can take a break.
As you continue on, you will see a sign that makes you want to say, “It’s time for a new one! You will see a sign that makes you want to say, “It’s time for a new one!” So, continue on toward the “Kofun no Hiroba” (ancient tomb square).

As you continue onward, you will come across a stone monument that reads “Forest of Youth” on the way. In fact, this place is famous for its beautiful autumn leaves.
However, it is June now!

So, let’s continue on, looking at the townscape of Fujieda through the trees.

On the way, there is a short cut through a beast road, but we continue straight on the paved road.

Then we arrived at the site.
A stone monument with the words “Wakaoji Kofun Tumulus” appears, and further on, the “Kofun no Hiroba” (Tumulus Plaza) appears.

It took about 20 minutes to get here💦.
It was quite tiring.

As you enter the plaza, you see a fairly large stand of trees.
The mound is heaped up with a lot of grass. A photo of the mound at the time of excavation is on a signboard in the plaza.

It is easy to see from above.

Fujimidaira Observatory

There is also a Fujimidaira Observatory in the plaza of the Nyakuoji Tomb Complex.
It is a place where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Suruga Bay and the Shida Plain.

That’s all for hiking at the Nyakuoji Tomb Square!
Now, let’s drink beer!

Facility Information

NAME:Kofun Square (Nyakuoji Tumulus Group)

Opening Hours:24h

admission fee:free

Address:474 Wakaoji, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka 426-0014, etc.

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